5 secrets to looking chic every day

I know you all probably follow blogs where the girls look chic, fabulous and put together every single day - with shit tons of jewelry, a fancy updo, sky high heels and 25 different layers of things. As much as I love these blogs and I pull inspiration from them, I don't aim to dress like that on a day-to-day basis. It's just not plausible for anyone that has a regular job or lifestyle where they are buying groceries, running errands, going to school, taking the bus, getting coffee at Tim Hortons, etc. 

Don't get me wrong - you can absolutely look chic every day without spending 3 hours getting ready in the morning. These are my secrets that I use to pull together my outfits on regular days.

PATTERN. Pattern is a godsend. It can take you from looking boring and plain to looking fashionable; having some go-to patterned tops or scarves will immediately pull your look together. For example, I have a killer animal-print scarf ($12 from H&M) that I can throw over a white tshirt and jeans and it looks like I really thought about it (which I didn't). This also works for cardigans, sweaters, or t-shirts - but make sure the pattern is noticeable! That's the key!

BLING. Jewelry is my second key secret to looking put together. I have one necklace from my brother that is the perfect length and perfect pendant size that I wear almost every day. It's gold and silver (so I can wear rings of either colour, ah HA!) and I easily throw it on over any kind of top and it pulls my outfit together - whether it's a fancy dress or loose tank top. I also have 2 rings that I alternate between - one silver and one gold, each $4 from Forever 21. They are pretty big, and have black jewels in them so they go with everything. I can easily grab one depending on what colour jewelry I'm going with that day. And voila - it looks like I put thought into my outfit (which I probably didn't).

 HAIR. People can immediately tell how much effort you put into your appearance by your hair. But don't fret, my friends! My hair is very long and there is no way I'm going to wash, blow dry, and straighten (or curl) it every single day of my life. The truth is, some days I just want to sleep in late and spend 5 minutes throwing it up and getting it off my face. Luckily, there are lots of tools that help us regular folk do that. My number one tool: www.thebeautydepartment.com. They have lots of easy updos, like The Fun Bun and the Fishtail, that make looking put together easy. I would be lying if I said I didn't rock the Fun Bun at least 3 days a week. 

SHOES. I am a fashion blogger, yes. Does that mean I wear high heels everywhere? No. I do not wear heels to Superstore, to go shopping, to commute to work, or to meet a friend for coffee in the local Starbucks. But that doesn't mean I can't look equally put together as someone in high heels. I have one pair of ankle boots that are my Go To Boots - flat, black, slightly pointed, with a few interesting details like buckles. These boots go with everything!
A few other good shoes to have (or just check out my blog post on shoesies): one pair of chic flats (patterned is good!), and one pair of low wedges or low chunky heels (that are easy to walk in but class up your outfit).

 BAG.  The bag is the last key secret to looking put together on a very short timeline. I have one bag that I use almost every day - a $40 black fringed bag from H&M. It has adjustable straps, is big enough to hold everything I need, and automatically pulls my look together because of the fringe. A plain bag is just that - plain. But a detailed bag in a simple colour, like black, will quickly add the "Wow She Really Thought About That Outfit" effect.

BAM SHAZAM there you go. Those are my secrets to looking put together on a regular day. High heels and 25 layers aren't necessary - just a few key pieces and you're good to go in less than 15 minutes!